Federation Fitness Directive 1206.09
Purpose: Star Fleet Fitness Initiative
Notice to all Star Fleet Captains and Personnel:

In relation to addressing the long-term health and fitness services needs of the citizens within the borders of the United Federation of Planets,  the Star Fleet Secretary of Health and Fitness Services for the citizens of the UFP shall develop and coordinate a fleet and an inter-planetary program for all Star Fleet personnel and UFP  member species to enhance their physical activity and sports participation. Through this program, the Secretary shall seek to (1) expand overall Star Fleet personnel and UFP citizen interest and awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity and active sports participation; (2) stimulate and enhance coordination of programs within and among the private and public sectors that promote participation in, and safe and easy access to, physical activity and sports; (3) expand availability of quality information and guidance regarding physical activity and sports participation; (4) integrate physical activity into a broader health promotion and disease prevention effort through UFP agencies and the private sector; and (5) target all UFP member species, with particular emphasis on children and adolescents, as well as populations or communities in which specific risks or disparities in participation in, access to, or knowledge about the benefits of physical activity have been identified. All UFP Citizens need to set the example for their children and the future candidates of Star Fleet Command.
Though this is a voluntary directive for the citizens of the UFP, this initiative is not a voluntary directive for Star Fleet Cadets and other Star Fleet Staff /Personnel.

Thank you for your attention and participation.
Fitness for All,
Micah Robbins
Commander Micah Robbins ACSM
Star Fleet Academy
Administration of Sports Medicine
United Federation of Planets

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